What's Your Romantic IQ?
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It’s our anniversary!

I’ve been writing and you’ve been reading this column for a year.

Don’t be so surprised by my sentimental side. Granted, I’m single and haven’t celebrated romantic occasions for a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sentimental side.

Since sentiment and romance often go hand in hand, you are invited to join me in this:


  1. How would you describe your attitude toward romance?
    1. passionate
    2. eager
    3. estranged
    4. cautious
    5. unprepared
  2. Your idea of a romantic food is:
    1. cheesecake
    2. oysters
    3. chocolate truffles
    4. chocolate-covered strawberries
    5. a burger and fries
  3. Which would you consider a romantic setting?
    1. a lakeside cabin
    2. a luxurious hotel suite
    3. a cozy country inn
    4. a moonlit beach
    5. bleacher seats at Wrestlemania
  4. The most romantic gift you’ve ever received was:
    1. bubble bath
    2. lingerie
    3. flowers
    4. a stuffed animal
    5. a crevice-tool for your vacuum
  5. Which movie would put you in a romantic mood?
    1. Dirty Dancing
    2. Some Like it Hot
    3. Love Story
    4. Casablanca
    5. Die Hard
  6. The most romantic place in the world is:
    1. Paris
    2. Greece
    3. Miami
    4. San Francisco
    5. Tallahassee
  7. What song best describes your last romantic encounter?
    1. ”I Could Have Danced All Night”
    2. ”Strangers in the Night”
    3. ”Stairway to Heaven”
    4. ”Honesty”
    5. ”Sixty Minute Man”
  8. Your best romantic adventures have been:
    1. spontaneous
    2. hot and memorable
    3. someone else’s idea
    4. carefully planned
    5. under the influence
  9. Which book do you think is most romantic?
    1. Bridges of Madison County
    2. How to Make Love to a Man/Woman
    3. Gone With the Wind
    4. Wuthering Heights
    5. The Satanic Verses
  10. Your idea of a romantic afternoon would be:
    1. a horseback ride in autumn
    2. giving each other a massage
    3. cuddling in front of the fireplace
    4. a walk on the beach
    5. yard-sale shopping
  11. The TV show that best describes your romantic past is:
    1. Blind Date
    2. The Young and the Restless
    3. Friends
    4. Touched by an Angel
    5. National Geographic
  12. What music do you like playing during romantic moments?
    1. any soft rock station
    2. Barry White
    3. Whitney Houston
    4. Frank Sinatra
    5. AC/DC
  13. An aroma you think is romantic is:
    1. vanilla
    2. wild flowers
    3. coconut
    4. roses
    5. diesel fuel
  14. A romantic way to be awakened in the morning would be:
    1. breakfast in bed
    2. snuggled in his/her arms
    3. a gentle kiss on the eyelids
    4. a whisper
    5. the sound of a beer can opening
  15. The most romantic way to celebrate an anniversary would be:
    1. a weekend getaway
    2. sipping Champagne in a hot tub
    3. a candlelit dinner for two
    4. box seats at the theatre
    5. box seats at a Star Trek convention

A = 1 point, B = 2 points, C = 3 points, D = 4 points, E = 5 points

Score of 1-18: You are an adventurous romantic. Look for others, like you, who are ready for anything.

19-35: You are an aggressive romantic. Find a partner who knows how to hold on and enjoy the ride.

36-45: You are a traditional romantic. You’re the kind of person who exudes and encourages romance.

46-64: You are a conservative romantic. Seek out others who would be suited to a life with you in the 1950s.

65 & up: There are hopeless romantics; then there’s you – just plain hopeless.

Have a question, a thought, or a story to share (anonymity guaranteed)? E-mail Christine at: single@keynotebooks.com

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