A Simple Plan Review
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Okay, here’s a hypothetical situation... Say you’re out in the middle of nowhere, and you find a small plane crashed in the middle of a field. You check it out, and you find that the pilot’s dead—and he has been for a while. In the plane, you also find a duffle bag. You open it, and out spills packets of hundred-dollar bills. Probably about four million dollars’ worth. So what do you do? Do you do the “good” thing and report the money? Or do you take the money and run? After all, the plane has been out there for a while—no one’s out looking for it. So no one’s looking for the money, right?

What do you do?

When Hank Mitchell poses the question to his wife, Sarah, she tells him that she’d return the money. But that’s when Hank realizes he’s made a mistake by asking her about a hypothetical situation. “Hypothetically…I wouldn’t have taken the money, either,” he says. But he did take the money. He and his brother, Jacob, and Jacob’s friend, Lou, decided to take it. And they had the perfect plan. They’d take the money, hide it, and tell no one. They’d wait until summer, when someone would most likely stumble upon the plane, there in the nature preserve. If something happened, and it looked like they were going to get caught, they’d just burn the money. If not, they’d wait a while, split up the money, and leave town.

But the plan doesn’t turn out to be as simple as Hank first thought. In order to cover up his lie and protect the money he even resorts to murder. And as the weeks pass, he finds that he’s no longer the good guy he once was.

A Simple Plan is a chilling story about greed and fear—and about what it takes to turn a good guy into a bad guy. At times, it was actually just too much for me—it was hard to keep reading as Hank sunk deeper and deeper. It’s a well-written book—and it’s definitely a fascinating read—but it’s also a tiring read. It’s not the least bit uplifting—and it’s not something to read right before bed. Believe me. I lost a lot of sleep over it. If you’re looking for a good yet disturbing book to read, you won’t be disappointed by A Simple Plan. Just be prepared.

And now I think it’s best for me to move on to something light and brainless. I need time to recover…

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