Deadly Harvest Review
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Soon after the sniper's body is located, Joanna Blalock's sister contracts a deadly disease down in Guatemala. As the body count in Ms. Blalock's lab rises, her attention is torn between the mysteries they present and the desperate search for a cure to save her sister.

However, this is not just Ms. Blalock's story. Readers are also introduced to an ex-boyfriend investigator, a potential love-interest doctor, another rookie female pathologist, and -- because this is set in a hospital --more doctors and patients, plus a few, all-around ne'er-do-wells. You'll know that this is fiction because the more unlikable the person, the greater the chance that they'll die soon and in an appropriately nasty manner.

Such are the satisfactions of suspense novels. This is one of the reasons I enjoy them so. Is this book quoteable? No, not really. Will you set a speed record getting to the end? Well, I did, but I think that was an unconscious attempt to avoid heavy thinking. Why spoil the fun of reading it?

Mr. Goldberg has written a series of novels about Ms. Blalock, and this is not the first. She's an appealing character, and now I'd like to start at the beginning of the series.

Mr. Goldberg has done a fine job of telling a fast-moving suspense novel. It's only March, but this is a good choice to start a summer reading binge. Go ahead, you made it through February. Pick this one up, sit down to read it, and imagine the sun on your face and beach sand between your toes. So restful.

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