The Opposite of Fate Review
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Novelist Amy Tanís first book of nonfiction is so good that I couldnít put it down, and once finished, went back to reread my favorite parts.

I always enjoy a book that gives me a peek into the writerís life; the struggle to produce that second book, the exhaustion that comes with a book tour, or the thrill of jamming with Steve King and Dave Barry. Tanís book does that and much more.

One of her longer essays describes the making of the film The Joy Luck Club, based on her first novel. Another details her good times on the road with her sometimes rock band, the Rock Bottom Remainders. One is a hastily written email to friends, saying yes, sheís OK, the mudslides that wrecked her Tahoe neighborhood didnít sweep her and her husband away. The final and most poignant piece is about her struggle to find the cause of her strange recent illness. (Turned out to be Lyme disease, courtesy of a tiny tick.)

Thrown into the mix are tales of (what might have been) ghosts, lucid dreams, and innumerable weird coincidences that speak to the themes of fate and faith.

Tan has a clean, accessible and often humorous style, and she had no trouble casting her spell over me. It made me wonder why I never found the time to read any of her four novels. But I have a feeling that that wonít be the case for long.

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