Mystic and the Blossoms Review
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Mystic and the Blossoms is one of the most interesting and inspiring novels I've read in a long while. I felt as if I were sitting at the feet of a wise man, listening in rapt attention to the story of Jagat Mahant.

In a fit of temper, Jagat accidentally kills a man, then flees from the crime. He becomes a Sadu, an aspirant who gives up family, home, and hearth to don a robe, grow a beard, then wander about the countryside, calling himself Jag Baba. His travels take him many places across time until he settles in a poor village called Khapat.

Slowly Jag teaches and helps the villagers, never pressing or rushing anything upon them. He teaches them unity in all aspects of their spiritual growth. For without unity, a race cannot survive. One must also learn to be open to new and different ideas and to learn from other cultures. Above all else, success begins with a foundation laid in the heart. The end result will be a heaven on earth.

These messages are subtly woven within the story. You reap what you sow. Those things that appear useless have a purpose. Nothing is random; two incidents totally different from each other, happening at the same time on opposite ends of the world can have an affect on one of the parties involved. Life comes around full circle.

I urge you to get a copy of Mystic and the Blossoms, read it for yourself and see what amazing insights you come away with.

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