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Everyone with a toe-hold into business writes business books. Financial advisors write like the accountants they truly are, marketing gurus write books with attention-getting titles, and successful coaches tell stories about managing their athletes that at the very least will be bought by team fans.

So into this crowded mix of author-experts walks Barbara Corcoran, a NYC real estate success story. Corcoran, a small-town girl, entered the city as so many other hopefuls, but she managed to become a millionaire. From her first successful apartment rental, she went on to build her own business from next to nothing until it became a market leader.

And what was the secret of her success? An ivy league degree? No, thanks to her dyslexia, she was a D student and only attained a high school education. Was it her personal or family connections? Her wealth? No, she hails from a large, working class family with little money but strong ties to each other. No, no connections. Instead, Corcoran built her own company, The Corcoran Group, out of an initial investment loaned to her by her first boyfriend. After they split their joint business, she learned how to recognize good sales people in job interviews, how to face down tough negotiators like Donald Trump, and how to survive in tough economic downturns with everything at stake.

This book describes how she did it in some very easy- and fun-to-read stories. All of her principles are based on lessons she learned as a kid from her mother's advice. You don't have to have a college degree to read this book, just an interest in stories about a businesswoman with nerves of steel. Honestly, why look for adventures on Mount Everest or in the Kalahari desert when you could risk everything you own in the post-1987 real estate market? That's Corcoran's idea of adventure.

She tells her story here in an entertaining, self-effacing way, and she's as generous with stories about her mistakes as she is with those of her successes. I also like the way she credits the people around her for their contribution as well. For some quick business lessons and more than a few smiles, give this simple paperback a try. No regrets here. This is a book I'd buy and read again in a New York minute.

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