Dog Park Review
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This romantic comedy examines love and relationships in the strangest of common ground—a dog park where people simply know each other by the dog they bring. Luke Wilson plays Andy, a guy with a recently broken heart—and to make matters worse, his ex took the dog away from him. He still goes to the dog park with his best friend, played by Janeane Garofalo, who seems to be in the perfect relationship with her fiancé, played by Bruce McCulloch, and their two Boxers.

Natasha Henstridge plays the female version of Andy. The difference is that she still has her dog. She and Andy actually meet in a bar, and while she’s looking to hook-up, he’s only looking for friendly conversation. They do end up at her place, but Andy proves to be a gentleman who holds her hair while she pukes. He begins to fall for her, but she doesn’t want to get hurt. He works to prove his sincerity, while, at the same time, trying to get joint custody of his dog.

There are also a lot of great side stories that weave together and prove that it is a small world after all.

I loved the performances, and the dialogue created a sweet environment for watching things unfold.

This is a catalog title that just released to DVD, and there are not many extras to speak of.

With spring in the air, Dog Park is a great date movie or something to curl up on the couch and watch.

Grade: B (movie) C (DVD)

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