Name Dropping Review
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I’m quite sure that every one of us—at some time or another—has dreamed about what it would be like to have a more glamorous life. Admit it. You’ve done it. You’ve daydreamed while scrubbing the toilet, imagining what it would be like to have a house with twelve toilets—and a cleaning staff to scrub them for you. You’ve watched shows about people like P. Diddy or J-Lo or Jennifer Aniston, and you wished that you, too, could have a full-time on-call hair stylist—and that you, too, could afford to vacation in an oceanfront chateau.

Nancy Stern, a Manhattan pre-school teacher with no social life outside her classroom of purebred socialite kids, is overcome by her imagination when another Nancy Stern moves into her building. The other Nancy Stern is nothing like her—she’s tall and blonde and can obviously afford implants. She lives in the penthouse and interviews celebrities for a living.

Plain-Jane Nancy has no idea how her life is about to change when she starts getting her more glamorous namesake’s mail—and phone calls…and roses…and dry cleaning. And it’s hard not to imagine what it would be like to live a different life. So when a man calls her apartment, thinking he’s asking Penthouse Nancy out on a blind date, she can’t help but play along…

Name Dropping is a story of love, murder, jewels, and mistaken identity. It’s sometimes predictable, sometimes surprising, sometimes a little corny, and sometimes frustrating (Stop lying to the guy, and just tell him who you really are!), but it’s entertaining nonetheless. It’ll keep you wondering which characters to believe—and it’ll give you a warm, fuzzy feeling in the end, like all good chick lit should. It’s a fun read to pack in your gym bag or your carryon or your beach bag.

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