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In an average day, we cross paths with hundreds of thousands of people. Every single one has a pre-ordained destiny, some purpose that they are meant to fulfill. Every sleeping child in every dark house. Every jet-lagged corporate commander driving to work in the car next to you on the highway - coffee in one hand, the constant drifting cigarette smoke all around, the cell phone not far from reach in case some super important business plan comes across the wire at 6:30 in the morning.

The average Joe on his way to the work site, laying tile floors in a high-rise condo for a peasant’s fee because the bidding for the job left him on the fence between bankruptcy and crawling his way to a living. Looking at all these people, I wonder if this is indeed their destiny or did they lose something along the way?

Did they make one wrong decision in their lives that steered them away from their true destiny? Did they choose not to go to college when they were young, and spent the rest of their lives trying to find the money and the time to go? Did they lose the girl that would have supported and nurtured them through all of their fears? Did they let an important friendship deteriorate because it took too much effort to keep in contact? Did they give up their dreams for an ailing parent or a newborn baby? Or did they just turn left, when they should have turned right? I guess we’ll never know.

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