From a Child's Perspective
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Girl Guide Leader discussing First Aid

Leader: “When you’re putting a splint on someone, be creative. You can use a piece of wood as a splint for a leg or arm, or a close pin as a splint for a finger. Anything hard.”

Girl Guide: “Can you use a plate?”

Leader looks at Girl Guide in bewilderment.

Girl Guide Leader demonstrating CPR on a victim

Leader: “If you walk into a situation where someone may be unconscious, first you have to try to wake them up.” Leader shakes victim. “Hello, hello, are you all right?”

Girl Guide: “What if they’re sleeping and they’re deaf?”

Leader looks at Girl Guide in bewilderment.

Father showing a magic trick to his daughter

Daughter: “Can you tell me how it works?”

Father: “Now, what’s the first rule of a magician?”

Daughter: “A magician never tells his secret.”

Father: “Well, if you know the rule, then why are you asking how the trick works?”

Daughter: “Yah, but I am hungry.”

Father looks at daughter in bewilderment.

Two children at the hairdressers with their mother

Hairdresser: “Okay, Tommy, are you ready to go?”

Daughter: “No, I wanna go first. I called it.”

Mother: “Just let your brother go first this time, okay?”

Daughter: Putting her hands over her face and whaling, “Tommy, why do you always have to ruin my life?!!!"

Mother, hairdresser, and customers stare at the child whose life has been ruined.

Mother talking to her daughter

Mother: “What did you do at school today?”

Daughter: “Nothin’.”

Mother: “Well, you must have done something. Did you play with anyone?”

Daughter: “Yah.”

Mother: “What did you play?”

Daughter: “I don’ remember.” (Sighs in frustration.)

Mother: “I’m not trying to bug you. I’m just trying to get inside your head.”

Daughter: “Well, I had a key for it, but I lost it.”

Mother: (Sighing) “If only it were that easy.”

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