Man and Boy Review
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This is a book about what happens to a man when his own stupidity splits his family apart. Tony Parsons is a music journalist-turned-author from England. Man and Boy is his first novel. Written from entirely the first person, it’s a look at what a man goes through during a divorce.

The twist to this story isn’t in the way that his wife leaves him, after he has a one-night stand with a coworker, but in the fact that he ends up with his son. When his affair is discovered, his wife walks out, taking their son with her. Then a few weeks later, she brings him back so she can move from England to Japan to re-start her career. The book’s protagonist, Harry Silver, is forced to deal with finding a day care for his son, holding onto his job, finding a new job after getting fired, developing a love life again, caring for a parent dying of cancer… well, you get the idea. It’s not a life that he was prepared for or had even thought of before.

Man and Boy could very easily have been a dark and morbid book. Instead it is one that is full of laughs, easy to relate to (if you have kids and are single), and full of real characters. Some of the scenes and dialog border on the cliché but they are easy to look past because of the deft way Parsons handles them.

This is a great book for a long weekend reader. Read the first chapter, and you’ll just have to finish the book.

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