Wild at Heart Review
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I first heard about this book last fall watching NFL Countdown on ESPN. The host was talking about how John Kinta, quarterback of the Bengals, had turned his career around after reading it. Since the Bengals have been the laughing stock of the NFL for the better part of a decade and were in the middle of danged near becoming respectable, I thought Iíd see what was up with the book.

Wild at Heart poses a radical theory, one that says men were designed by God to be dangerous by nature. John Eldridge, the bookís author, claims that men have been beaten down by society and by the Church into being just "nice guys" that donít have any real character or back bone. He contends that men have gotten away from living for the things they are passionate about in order to fit into a society that values safety over happiness.

He uses biblical references, along with stories about the outdoors and his family to make his points. Eldridge has slanted this book to an almost exclusively male audience and he hits his targets precisely. Every man Iíve talked to who has read this book is amazed by how accurate this book describes most of us. It gets pretty blunt about why men are so screwed up these days and in a way shows us how to fix it.

There are no solid answers or step-by-step guides here, only some general rules to live by. Itís all biblically based, so if you donít prescribe to that train of thought this might not be the book for you. I read it and got a lot out of it. Iím betting you will too.

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