Out of the Blue Writers Unite Review
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Susan Landonís poem "Priority One: Freedom" eloquently describes one love affair that is certain never to sour.

"It Was The Color OfÖ", a poem by Peggy Melanson, speaks with humble gratitude of reaping silver linings from clouds of dark experience.

Charles Coe whisks us back to a hot, cloudless Indiana night in the summer of `67 to share a James Brown concert with him and his Mama in his poem "Get On Up!" I can feel the bass thundering in my chest when I read this piece.

Susan Davidsonís poem, "Where Do the Words Go?" is a compassionate tribute to the thoughts that we all sometimes bury in our hearts.

In his poem, "Bostonia (For Lack of a Better Name)", John Paul Pirolli packs us into the back of his Dadís station wagon for a chaotic, colorful Saturday afternoon shopping excursion in Boston. We return happy and sated, after feasting on a host of epicurean delights.

"The Optiontunist," a short story by Andrew K. Stone, is a hilarious and touching piece about a twelve year-old boy whose life began on the first day of school in sixth grade when he befriended a remarkably open-minded classmate with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

This collection holds a wide range of talent that is difficult to describe in a nutshell. The overwhelming amount of diversity and insight within these pages make Out of the Blue Writers Unite a collection that is certain to have something to please every literary palate.

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