Blood Lure Review
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In Blood Lure Anna takes us on a tour of Waterton/Glacier National Peace Park, which straddles the border between Montana and Canada. Anna is sent with Joan Rand and a teenage boy on an assignment to study grizzly bears.

One night their camp is attacked by a strange-acting bear that didnít appear to be interested in food, but more interested in scaring them off as if it were more human than animal. The teenage boy ends up missing, and a camper is found dead ó her neck snapped and the flesh of her face cut away, suggesting she was murdered.

Annaís beloved mountains have become something sinister as she hikes onward looking for clues and hunting the beast stalking the trails. No man could snap a neck like that without crushing the skull, and no animal can cut away flesh. What on earth is Anna hunting?

Blood Lure is a complex, in depth story that keeps you working to solve the mystery. Youíll be terrified of the bear, mystified by the park, and always looking over your shoulder for the killer to strike again. One thing you wonít see coming is the explosive and surprising ending.

Though the story had a few laugh out loud moments, itís steeped in drama. Youíll get intimate with the nature of the beasts ó both animal and man. Youíll feel like youíre right there in the mountains with Anna. Iíll definitely be looking for Ms. Barrís back list.

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