Blue Blood Review
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Andy Kendricks may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she shunned her mother’s high society lifestyle long ago—and now she’s just your average single-girl web designer. But when Andy’s long-lost friend Molly calls in the middle of the night, Andy soon finds herself in places she never dreamed of being—and wearing purple hot pants, no less…

Molly, a single mom, was struggling to make ends meet by waiting tables at a questionable restaurant called Jugs—where she also struggled to ward off her sleazy boss’s advances. One night, while she was closing the restaurant, her boss cornered her. Molly escaped, but hours later she was arrested for his murder.

Enter Andy, who decides that the police—and Molly’s lawyer—aren’t doing enough to prove Molly’s innocence. So she decides to go undercover by donning the Jugs uniform to get to the bottom of the murder…

Blue Blood is a light mystery that you’ll fly through in no time. If you’re looking for a casual summer read, this is a good option. I did, however, feel like many of the characters were a bit cliché for my taste—especially the less-than-righteous evangelist or the slutty airhead ex-professional-cheerleader—though I did enjoy Andy’s mom, the stuffy (yet sometimes unpredictable) matron. And for a girl who shuns high society, Andy gets awfully caught up in name brands—I was often distracted by her mention of the brand of computer she used or the brand of jeans she wore or the full paragraph describing her purse (including not-so-subtle advertisement for the company’s Website).

Blue Blood is just the first in the Debutante Dropout series—and I can definitely see potential. This book itself could have been stronger, but I have faith in McBride. Keep an eye on this series—with a bit of sprucing, Andy Kendricks could turn out to be a southern Stephanie Plum.

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