Decisions Review
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Players: 1-6 players or teams
Playing Time: 30-60 minutes

Decisions is an interesting educational game. Its purpose is to educate children about the dangers of drug use, but in addition to being educational, Decisions is also fun.

One of the first things that catches the eye about Decisions is the bright graphics of the game. This makes it a lot more appealing—especially to children.

Decisions uses real-life scenarios to help participants experience the anxieties and emotions associated with making decisions involving drugs. An adult facilitator supervises the game, and the children play to graduate. The children roll dice, and, depending on where they land, they have to act out or answer the questions. This gives the parents an idea of their drug awareness.

The publisher of the game, Reality Unlimited, Inc., did a survey that revealed that 98% of young people had their first drug-related experience with a family member or a close friend. Decisions makes children think of ways to say no to friends and family who encourage them to use drugs.

Decisions can be used at home, school, church, or in various health and social services programs. More information can be found at

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