Sam's Letters to Jennifer Review
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After some confusion about who Sam was in the beginning, Sam's Letters to Jennifer drew me in and I didn't stop reading until I had finished the book. Such tender wording brought tears to my eyes and there were many laugh-out-loud moments...the kind of moments an ordinary person can relate to.

Sam had fallen at her home and was in the ICU at the hospital. Sam and Jennifer have always been close and best friends ever since Jennifer was a little girl and spent summers at Lake Geneva with Sam and Charles, her grandparents. Charles had died long ago, and now Sam lay in a coma and the doctors weren't sure she would come out of it. Jennifer had already lost her soul mate, Danny, in an accident and didn't think she could stand to lose her grandmother so soon afterwards.

Sam had left Jennifer a series of letters telling about her life and the secrets she kept. The first letter ended with “The Truth is...I never really loved Charles.”

One morning Jennifer is awakened by a war-whoop and to the sight of a naked man racing toward the lake to jump off the dock and into the freezing lake water. His name was Brendan Keller, and she would love him, and he had a secret too.

Between Sam's letters and Brendan, Jennifer learns to live from the crack of dawn until she can't keep her eyes open any longer. She learns that if you're going to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now. She learns happy endings are hard to come by and that we are our stories - make them happy ones. Most of alive every moment of the day.

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