Cranium Zigity Review
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Players: Two or more
Playing Time: A few minutes

As Iíve mentioned before, Iíve always been a huge fan of UNO. Itís an easy game to play, and it doesnít take a lot of concentration. And since itís so portable, I often toss a deck of UNO cards in my bagóso I can pull them out and play a hand if Iíve got a few minutes to spare.

Now the makers of Cranium have created their alternative to UNO. Cranium Zigity is just as quick, just as easy, and just as portable as my old standby.

To begin, players are dealt seven cardsóand they race to be the first to get rid of them all. To do so, they take turns matching pictures, adding, spelling, and completing puzzlesóor, if they canít complete a task, they can throw in a Free card or another card (like Draw cards that force other players to draw cards or Bounce cards that reverse play) to avoid drawing more cards.

Zigity is currently available exclusively at Starbucksówhich makes perfect sense to me. Itís a great game to play over a Frappuccino. Itís not time-consuming. Itís not complicated. Itís not even super-competitive. Itís just a fun, casual game to play while hanging out with your friends or familyóand itís sure to bring out a few giggles at the same time. Play it around the table with the family, or toss it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go.

One word of warning: Cranium Zigity comes with really cool clear cardsóbut the cards tend to slide around a lot. If youíre playing on the go (in a plane, for instance), I recommend keeping the cards in the tin and placing the discard pile in the top of the tinóto keep you from losing your cards.

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