Code Name: Princess Review
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Two FBI agents are killed when a top-secret lab-enhanced koala bear is stolen—and Navy SEAL Hawk Mackenzie is sent to find it. But when he walks into his hotel room and finds a mysterious naked woman in his shower, the mission is turned upside-down…

You can call Jess Mulcahey a spy if you want, but she’s not the kind of spy that Hawk should be concerned about. She’s a hotel spy, traveling from hotel to hotel under secret identities, bribing managers and testing service before reporting back to headquarters. It’s a pretty dangerous job, considering that hotel managers aren’t always happy when they discover her real identity—but this is the first time someone’s broken into her room to attack her when she gets out of the shower.

No matter how hard she tries, Jess just can’t seem to get away from Hawk or his mysterious mission—so she eventually stops trying. After all, there are worse places to be than in the company of a tough, handsome Navy SEAL—no matter how dangerous it may be.

I’ll admit that I’ve never been one to read real, honest-to-goodness romance novels, but Code Name: Princess is the kind of romance that I can handle. While there’s plenty of steam (boy, is there steam!), there’s also plenty of adventure. The characters find themselves in all kinds of messes—bar fights, car-jackings, you name it—and that was enough to keep me turning pages. As for the characters, Hawk felt a bit two-dimensional to me, but I loved Jess. She was a character that I could relate to.

My greatest complaint about Code Name: Princess, however, is the conclusion. It felt like it took just a little too long to tie up the loose ends—and in the process, it seemed to change into a completely different genre (exit adventure, enter drama). Despite the somewhat disappointing ending, however, Code Name: Princess is still an exhilarating read. And if you’re considering taking that step from standard chick lit to steamier romance, this might be a good place to start.

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