Always Call Women When You Say You Will
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Dear Christine,

After my divorce from a 24-year marriage, I have recently re-entered the dating scene. Iíve had a few dates; still Iím not sure how often is appropriate to call a woman.

What is the current etiquette for this sort of thing? -- TOM Ė KITCHENER, ON

Dear Tom,

I looked around for dating phone etiquette and found mixed messages that seemed to lead toward game-playing. So rather than pass on the confusion, Iíll simply give you my opinion.

Calling a woman shows your interest in her. The frequency of your calls should reflect the type of relationship youíre looking for. Calling often will send a message that the relationship is serious. If youíre looking for something casual, you shouldnít call five times a week.

Donít play games or send mixed messages.

Always call when you say you will, if only to say ďI canít talk long. May I call you after work this evening?Ē Nothing infuriates more than waiting for a phone call that never comes, especially after being told to expect a call. This rule applies to all womenófrom the woman youíre dating to your mother.

Most people have caller ID and answering machines these days, so be sure to leave a brief, polite message. Beware: Calling again and again after youíve left a message will make you look incredibly clingy and needy.

Also, a gentleman always calls a lady the day after a date to tell her he had a nice time. This is the perfect opportunity to ask her out again. Even if you donít want to go out with her again right away, you can simply thank her for an enjoyable evening.

To take pressure off yourself, give her your number and availability and invite her to call you. This can work from the onset of a relationship. When first meeting a potential date, itís quite common for a man to give a woman his number and let her make the call.

Dear Christine,

I wish to thank you for your column and hope it continues for as long as possible. I enjoy your point of view and the advice you give.

Recently, I took a chance with an old friend. We had a good time talking about the past and present. Still, I keep running into a wall with her parents, who want someone who can offer more. Since her mother fell for someone lower in wealth, they want more for her. I can understand their point. Iíve worked hard on improving my own situation. I live and work on my own farm, near them.

As friends of over 20 years, we went to the same schools and the same church, and we share the same views most of time. She works in another province and plans to stay there. I took one more chance to ask her if we could be more than friends and was turned down again.

I realize there are other women out there.

I hope to remain friends with her and move on to find someone else to share my dreams with.

Thank you for your column and best wishes for the future. -- RICK Ė CLINTON, ON

Dear Rick,

Thank you. Iím glad you enjoy reading my column.

It looks as though youíve given yourself some solid advice, as well. No point pining over her. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Get yourself out there and find a woman whoís looking for a man instead of a wallet. I hope your next love interest can think for herself, rather than obeying mommy dearest.

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