Flashing Before My Eyes Review
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I donít think I could have picked Dick Schaap out of a police line-up until I quit going to church. Sure, Iíd seen him covering different sporting events; I mean, I must have seen him, as much sports as Iíve watched over the years. It wasnít until I gave up on God for a while that I discovered this great teller of tales on ESPN. He hosted this show called The Sports Reporters that came on right before Sports Center.

The show was just four sports reporters sitting around talking about things that happened that week in sports. Schaap was the ring leader and the voice of reason. Each week the show ended, and still does, with each reporter giving a one minute speech about something that was supposed to make the viewer think. Most of the time they fell short, but never Schaap. He was consistently witty, intelligent, and articulate. His autobiography is the same.

This guy knew everyone a man needed to know. He was buddies with Muhammad Ali and Billy Crystal. He went to dinner with Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. Schaap played golf with President Clinton. His life story is filled with the famous people he knew and that is the thing that makes this book so much fun to read.

Schaap tells his stories like they are no big deal. The stars you or I would love to meet are just ordinary people to him. He is able to acknowledge the magnitude of their fame without becoming overwhelmed by it. In the process we walk away from the book feeling like we know them too.

If there is a complaint to be had with this book, it is that the reader learns very little about Schaap himself. We get to hear about his two bitter divorces and the son that followed him into journalism, but thatís about it. In my mind, thatís not much of a problem when held up to the rest of the book.

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