The True Self Review
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Whatever you might think of this book, one thing is for sure: It isn't cocktail party fodder.

It is important to point out the author's statement in the preface: that the book "contains two inspiring stories which is a synthesis of fiction, mysticism, spiritual beliefs and some practical realities of life. It is hoped to be a life-long companion for those who seek a deeper understanding of the Universe and the purpose of their lives.

The events cited in this book dealing with matters of this life and the one hereafter are all worthy of deep reflection." I thank Mr. Singh for pointing this out to the reader.

This book addresses the following questions: Does God exist? What is God? Why should I believe in God? What is the purpose of life? What things give form to life? What is my true self? Is there life after death? How can I heal my undisciplined mind? What is the reward for doing good?

Conclusions to these questions are drawn through the use of two stories. The first story is about a nurse who encounters a cryogenic man who died a hundred years ago and was brought back to life in a hospital laboratory.

The second story is about a con man who encounters a myriad of remarkable experiences when he embarks upon a journey to learn about life after death.

Through the retelling of these encounters the characters find answers to the questions.

Neither of these stories, in my view, touches upon practical realities. The first story is strange, with no basis in reality (unless there are cryogenic people running around out there that I don't know about).

The second story is bizarre, weird and scary. If I ever had a dream like this story, I would be in therapy for the rest of my life.

As to the questions to which the answers are sought (all of which are perfectly legitimate questions), this book may leave you with more questions than answers. It is difficult to get past the fantastic stories to find any basis to support the conclusions.

I think the questions presented are worthy of being applied to real-life experience. For instance, I seriously think we could take these same questions and apply them to the 2004 American League Championship Series in which the Red Sox beat the Yankees. If we did, would the conclusions be different than those of the writer? Readers have to decide for themselves.

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