False Profits Review
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Tucker Sinclair doesn’t have a bad life, really. Sure, she’s recently divorced, and her flamboyant mother and her dog, Muldoon, have moved themselves into Tucker’s oceanfront cottage. But she’s at the top of her career as a consultant at Aames & Associates. She’s been made a senior manager, and she’s one step away from partnership.

But that’s when things start to fall apart. One of Tucker’s clients, Dr. Milton Polk, a neurologist with the dream of creating a high-tech clinic, cheats investors out of millions of dollars, and the investors are blaming it on Tucker. To make matters worse, Tucker’s files on the project have mysteriously disappeared—as has Dr. Polk. Suddenly, not only have Tucker’s dreams of partnership vanished, but she’s also jobless—and the only way to salvage her job is to do a little sleuthing to find the missing files that will clear her name.

Fans of other chick-mysteries—like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series—will love Tucker Sinclair. She’s a character that anyone can relate to—she’s sometimes tough and independent, yet she’s sometimes a little too impulsive for her own good, and she sometimes even gets lonely. Surrounding her is an only-in-LA cast of characters — including her spiritually-charged actress mother, her boozy neighbor, and her neurotic assistant who took up knitting on the advice of his therapist. Tucker’s adventures in seedy Hollywood diners and rich men’s closets will have you hooked and looking for more — and the few ends left untied at the end of the story suggest that this isn’t the last you’ll hear from Tucker Sinclair.

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