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Alden Warren is a Cape Cod year-rounder who works in the bookstore for the National Parks Service and spends her spare time volunteering—keeping track of the local seagull population and delivering Meals on Wheels to Hyram, a well-known activist known as the Green Grandpa. Two years ago, her new husband, Monty, disappeared without warning. Everyone in town knows that Monty wasn’t exactly faithful, and they’re all sure that Monty just left with another woman. And while Alden been waiting for his return — calling amnesia hotlines and watching true-crime shows to look for him ever since, what she wants more than anything else is to become a foster parent, to love and care for a child.

As she makes her way through a long line of men who help her temporarily forget Monty, Alden meets Lux Davis, a landscape worker with a neurological disorder and a past he’s trying to keep buried. Alden and Lux, share so much in common—their dark, troubled past, their longing to find acceptance and perfect love—that they’re powerfully (and maybe even irrationally) drawn together. But Lux’s dark secret is in danger of being uncovered, and Alden’s despair and her desire to overcome her past grow out of control.

At times dark and haunting, at others charged and sensual, Lux has a feeling of desperation throughout. The mysterious, natural setting of off-season Cape Cod only adds to the darkness and mystery surrounding the dysfunctional characters, who tend to sometimes be a bit difficult to follow. Lux is by no means a light, quick read, but you may find that the richly written setting alone makes this melancholy novel worth your time.

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