Two Sweaters for My Father Review
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Perri Klass has been knitting since before it was cool. She knit through high school, into med school, through lectures and meetings, and her writing about knitting has appeared on the pages of The New York Times Magazine, Knitter’s Magazine, and more. In Two Sweaters for My Father, Klass shares a decade’s worth of writing about knitting.

To Klass, knitting is more than just a hobby. It’s more than just a way to save a little money on a sweater (something that knitters know isn’t exactly true). It’s an important part of who she is. And in this collection of essays, she tells stories about the role that needles and yarn play in the busy life of a wife, mother, and pediatrician.

Anyone who’s been soothed by the relaxing rhythm of knitting needles—or who’s ever been excited to create a piece of hand-knit fabric—will appreciate this collection. Many of the same themes—especially Klass’s knitting in meetings and the disapproval she’s met for doing so—appear repeatedly in the collection, making it something you might not want to read all in one sitting. But, taken an essay at a time, it will bring a knowing smile to any knitter’s face. At many times while reading it, I felt a sense of camaraderie with Klass, laughing along with her confessions about the amount of time it takes her to pack her knitting projects before a trip—and her secret desire to bring her knitting along to church services. As a member of the knitting family, I know exactly how she feels, and I could appreciate her views and philosophies.

Sometimes touching, sometimes humorous, Two Sweaters for My Father may not contain a single pattern, but it’s worthy of any knitter’s bookshelf. Pick it up as a stocking stuffer for the knitters on your holiday shopping list.

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