Maybe This Christmas Review
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Maybe This Christmas is made up of two stories. “Darling Jenny” is the story of Jennifer Glenn, a young woman whose heart was broken by her boss/boyfriend. To mend her broken heart, she walks away from her job in Minneapolis and flies out to Wyoming to visit her widowed sister and her two kids. There she meets Logan Taylor, her sister’s boss and close friend—a rough and arrogant yet handsome man who seems to have won Jennifer’s sister’s heart, though Jennifer disapproves (and she’s a little bit jealous, too). The second story, “Strange Bedfellow,” is about Dina Chandler. Her husband, Blake, went down in a plane in a South American jungle years ago, and he’s been declared dead. But just as Dina is getting her life back together (and she’s announced her engagement to Blake’s best friend, Chet), Blake shows up at her door. It’s obvious that her refined husband has changed in his years in the jungle, but he demands that they pick up where they left off.

The book was extremely difficult for me to read—because I didn’t actually like any of the characters. Jennifer Glenn is stuck-up and prudish—yet she still manages to fall madly in love with a man who treats her like a child (but he’s really cute…). And Logan Taylor, while he’s supposed to be a tough guy with a heart of gold, seems to fluctuate from the extremes—from sometimes nice and gentle to (most of the time) shifty and violently angry. Call me crazy, but he just didn’t seem like the ideal man. Their story really doesn’t have any flow—Logan’s arrogant and rude, and Jennifer hates him…but then she decides that she actually loves him, even though there’s no real reason for her to change her opinion.

In “Strange Bedfellow,” Blake is a domineering brute. He walks back into his wife’s life, making demands and tossing her out of her job of running the family business. And Dina, though frustrated, repeatedly gives in to Blake just because he’s now rugged and manly and caveman-like. To be honest, I kept hoping that she’d tell him off and leave him and continue with her own life. But of course, that’s not what she does. The whole story, once again, just doesn’t flow. When Blake returns, they immediately act like they hate each other. And when their relationship changes, it does so for no reason at all.

I picked up this book, hoping for a quick, easy holiday read—but I was disappointed with what I got. I found the characters annoying and their stories random and unrealistic. And Christmas barely played a part in either story—it felt like it was an aside, just for the sake of making this a Christmas collection. Do yourself a favor and leave this one on the shelf.

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