Bed of Nails Review
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Zinc Chandler, a Canadian Mountie with Special X-the Special External Section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is almost burned out. He lost his wife, Alex Hunt, over a year ago and can't quite get over it. He met her on a trip with crime writers who were invited to a mystery weekend on Deadman's Island.

Their host was none other than Jack the Ripper. Not the Jack the Ripper, but a psychotic who thought he could use the Magick of the Tarot to conjure Jack from the there and then of East End London in 1888 to the here and now of modern-day Vancouver.

One by one Jack cut short the careers of the mystery writers before Zinc thwarted his plans, leaving only Alex and himself alive. Alex went on to write about the experience before her death.

Now the Ripper is locked away on Colony Farm in the high-security ward of Ashworth House, an asylum for the criminally insane. There he plots his revenge against Zinc by promising to give someone, calling themselves the Goth, the secret of time travel through worm holes if they will put Zinc in a stew and eat him. The Goth decides death by Vakatotoga-the torture of being eaten alive-will do nicely. And so begins the string of murders, where the victims are displayed to match the Hanged Man Tarot card, to snare Zinc into a trap and lure him to the Cook Islands where cannibalism has a long horrifying history.

Bed of Nails is a deep, dark read heavy on passages containing explicit stories of cannibalism, both modern-day and historic.

The authors, a father/daughter team, delve into the minds of such killers as Jeffrey Dahmer, "the Milwaukee Monster", and Edmund Kemper, "the Co-Ed Killer." Despite the heavy history lessons, these stories never slow the novel down. In fact, they draw you in deeper and deeper until you're horribly fascinated by it all.

Though Bed of Nails is a work of fiction you'll learn a lot of enthralling facts about psychotic killers and the origins of cannibalism from an author who has been active in more than a hundred murder cases…as a lawyer, of course.

Are you ready for this menu of murder and mayhem? Well, then, come and get it!

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