Readers Say Being Single Can Bring Holiday Joy
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So many have written in about how lonely and depressing it is to be single during the holidays. Therefore, a while ago, I asked readers to send in their thoughts as to why itís better to celebrate solo. This column is brought to you by readers like you.

If youíre single during the holidays:

Decisions, Decisions
  • You make all the choices.
  • Itís easier scheduling parties and gatherings without the pressures of accommodating another personís holiday agenda.

In-laws / Outlaws
  • You wonít have to give up your bed to make room for the in-laws.
  • You donít have to hear comments like ďAre you going to wear that to my parentsí house?Ē
  • You donít have a father-in-law complaining about your job.
  • You donít have a mother-in-law telling you how to cut your hair.

Stuff It
  • You donít have to share your leftover turkey stuffing.
  • You donít have to eat your in-lawís dry-as-a-bone stuffing. By the way, if people have to ask what the ďinterestingĒ crunchy texture in your turkey dressing is, it probably shouldnít be in there.
  • You can pig out on all the goodies that come with the holiday without the watchful disapproval of a partner.
  • You donít have to go broke trying to feed two groups of families and friends.
  • Which means your pretty hand towels will stay pretty and youíll always have toilet paper.

Naughty and Nice
  • Sharon points out mistletoe is SO much more fun when you donít have a significant other keeping a watchful eye.
  • You rarely have to deal with surprise pop-in visitors over the holidays, which means you can be the irritating one who does the popping, says Darrin.
  • You have no one to answer to whether you decide to be naughty or niceóor both.

Christmas Cheer
  • If you get drunk, itís because you want toónot because you need to.
  • Itís a great time to meet new and exciting people at holiday parties.
  • You donít have to be the designated driver when your other half insists on getting plastered.
  • You wonít have to wear a frozen smile all through the holidays.
  • Brian finds it interesting that itís always couples who end up fighting at Christmas parties or screaming in the parking lot afterward.
  • Cal especially likes the idea of just being able to relax with the people you truly loveófamily and friendsóon your own terms and not feel a pressure to leave when a partner sees fit.

Deck the Halls
  • You can decorate the house and tree the way you want them to be decorated.
  • You can sing Christmas carols at the top of your lungs without a partner threatening to have you committed.

Keep the Receipt
  • Itís one less bad gift to return.
  • You donít have to pretend to like a crappy present after you put so much time and thought into buying the perfect gift for your loved one.
  • You donít have to do someone elseís shopping as well as your own.
  • Youíll be the only one to max out your credit card.

Make a List and Check It Twice
  • And best of all, Janet says, you can write lists like this on those long, cold nights to remind you being singe isnít so bad after all.
  • Thank you to Barbara Williamson-Wood down in Citra, Fla., who sent in many of theseóand moreóhilarious pro-single comments. Sorry I couldnít list them all, Babs. But rest assured Iím still snickering over the naughtiest ones.

Final Thought
Agnes so eloquently insists being single is not better than being attached, but just as good. People argue continuously that being single is more fun, or being in a relationship is more rewarding. But both have positive attributes. Since a mate should complement your life and not be your life, we should be happy with ourselves before being able to be happy with anyone else.

Happy Holidays!

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