Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Review
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When I found out the movie Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason was about to be released, I had to make sure I read the book before I saw the movie. I read Bridget Jones’s Diary long before the motion picture came out. I think what kept me from picking up The Edge of Reason sooner was the idea that Bridget Jones in a “functional relationship” couldn’t be as nearly comical or relate-able as Bridget Jones “the singleton.” I was wrong. Just like in real life, the book doesn’t end when the prince finally kisses the princess. There’s always more to the story. Just like when I read the first book, I found myself laughing out loud and reading little excerpts to whomever would listen.

The story starts off about a month after the first book ends. Not surprisingly, Bridget is in a relationship with Mark Darcy. She seems to be getting things under control until her over-analysis, reliance on self-help books, dependence on her friends’ theories, and self-doubt take over. The prince turns back into a frog, Bridget’s job is reeking havoc on her sanity, and her mother is off on another escapade.

With some of the story, the reader has a better idea of what’s going on than Bridget seems to, so it doesn’t always keep you on the edge of your seat, except if you’re on the edge of your seat shouting out, “It’s him!” hoping Bridget will hear you. Other parts knock you off your seat with surprise.

I’m sure the movie is great, but the book is definitely worth the read. If you haven’t read Bridget Jones’s Diary, check out the review.

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