The Guess Who What When & Where Picture Trivia Book Series: Movie Edition Review
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Do you love movies? I mean…do you really love movies? Do you spend your nights and weekends at the local cinema—or wandering the aisles of your neighborhood video store? Do you have a DVD collection that rivals Blockbuster’s? Then pick up a copy of The Guess Who What When & Where Picture Trivia Book: Movie Edition, invite a few friends over, and flaunt your cinematic prowess.

Part book, part game, Guess Who… provides page after page of movie trivia. In this book, you’ll find old classics and new favorites, dramas and comedies—more than 150 films (and over 1000 trivia questions) that will even manage to stump the most fervent film aficionado from time to time. Each two-page spread includes a frame from a movie, four basic questions about the movie (the movie’s title, stars, release year, and director), three more detailed bonus trivia questions, and a few additional tidbits of information and little-known facts about the movie. Each trivia question has a point value—and the answers are in small print that’s easy to cover up—so you can add up your points and compete against your friends.

The Guess Who… Movie Edition is a great gift for any movie lover—and a great way to liven up any party.

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