The Bachelor Review
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Jimmie Shannon (Chris O’Donnell) sees himself as a wild mustang—a strong and powerful animal that enjoys its life of freedom on the open range. But then he meets Anne (Renée Zellweger). Anne is the perfect woman for Jimmie. She’s beautiful and funny, and their relationship is totally laid-back. No pressure at all. But gradually, as Jimmie’s friends begin to leave their wild-mustang lives behind, Jimmie realizes that he and Anne are getting to “that point” in their relationship. And when Anne catches the bouquet at yet another friend’s wedding, Jimmie knows it’s time. But when he attempts to propose at the most romantic spot in town, he screws it up (first by proposing with the words “You win,” and then by telling Anne that he figured they were at that “shit or get off the pot” point in their relationship), and Anne storms out.

Jimmie is crushed (and embarrassed) when Anne turns him down. But matters get even worse when his grandfather dies and leaves him $100 million—with a catch. Jimmie has to get married before 6:05 (the exact time he was born) on his thirtieth birthday, or he loses the money—and his birthday just happens to be tomorrow. So Jimmie has to either win back the woman of his dreams or find someone else who’s willing to marry him for $100 million.

The Bachelor is a great movie for girls with commitment-phobic boyfriends. It’s sweet, and it’s funny—you’ll laugh, and you’ll cry. Chris O’Donnell is cute in a frustrating-boy kind of way, and Renée Zellweger is as adorable as always. Despite a few rather corny scenes with millions of angry hopeful brides, The Bachelor is a fun flick—just the thing for a night in with the girls.

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