Bags: A Knitters' Dozen Review
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There’s nothing I love more than a new knitting book. I love flipping through the pages and imagining all the things I could make. Most of the time, though, after the first flip-through, I’ve lost heart. I’d never be able to make that, I think. Or: I’d never want to make that. But not so with Bags: A Knitters' Dozen.

On my first skim-through, my imagination went wild: I want one of those…and one of those…and one of those… These aren’t your plain-jane everyday old knit-two-squares-and-sew-‘em-together bag patterns. There are different patterns here—patterns that haven’t been repeated over and over in previous knitting books. There are felted bags and textured bags and fancy detailed bags. There are handbags and tote bags and beach bags. And—best of all, there are easy bags and intermediate bags and a-little-more-challenging bags. Bags features more than 20 different patterns for bags—plus a few extras, like a vest and a sweater. You’ll even learn about new techniques, like needle felting.

I’ve already made two of the bags in the book, and I love them. They’re different, and they were fun to knit. I even pushed myself and tried the intermediate patterns, and I didn’t have a problem. I only ran into a few difficulties with the patterns—but you’ll be able to catch them without a problem if you’re paying attention.

Pick up a copy of Bags: A Knitters' Dozen, and you’ll want to knit bags for everyone you know (it’s never too early to start knitting for next Christmas, you know…).

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