Memories of Midnight Review
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Memories of Midnight begins with Catherine Alexander remembering her name after months of living in a convent and her past being a blank slate. After remembering her name, the rest of her life begins to come back to her. Most significantly, she remembers her husband, Larry, and his mistress, Noelle, attempting to murder her and causing her memory loss.

As she deals with this disturbing revelation, a benefactor appears to help her get back on her feet with a job and a place to stay. This benefactor is one of the richest men in the world, Constantin Demiris. What Catherine does not know is that Noelle was once Constantinís mistress and Constantinís heart was broken by Noelleís leaving him for Larry.

Constantin had Larry and Noelle killed for Catherineís murder and now that Catherine has regained her memory he must tie up loose ends caused by her reappearance. He plans to win her trust, then seduce and finally kill her out of revenge for the past she can barely remember. While Constantin plots against Catherine, others are plotting against him. The question is: who will be left standing at the end?

Sidney Sheldon has created a book with twists and turns that I wasnít expecting. Main characters and supporting characters share the lime light; the story could not have been told without the supporting cast. Catherine is a wonderful heroine, strong, truly nice to those around her, and her doubt and confusion about her life makes her realistic.

The book will have you turning page after page, rushing to get to the conclusion. It is a light read and hours of suspenseful entertainment. The only thing that I didnít enjoy about the book was the charactersí fixation on love and being in love and being scorned by love...Constantin, who is still seeking revenge against a dead lover; Constantinís wife, who knows about her husbandís many lovers and is abused by him who canít leave him because she loves him; Catherine, who spends the first half of the book still mooning over the husband who tried to kill her and the second half of the book searching for love.

The Other Side of Midnight, the prequel to Memories of Midnight, is the story that lead up to Catherineís attempted murder and memory loss. Though it should be read first, both books stand on their own.

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