Groundhog Eclipse in Pennsylvania
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PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA Reporters and curious onlookers were greeted by an unusual sight this Groundhog Day. Hundreds of spectators waited in anticipation this morning, noisily watching the opening to the home of Punxsutawney Phil, the local hero—but his eagerly-awaited appearance wasn’t quite what they were expecting.

Phil, a usually friendly and happy-go-lucky groundhog, is awakened each February second by a huge audience. He comes out of his hole—somewhat cranky to have been torn from his nice, warm bed—and is greeted by a cacophony of cheers. Those in attendance watch to see whether or not Phil casts a shadow. His shadow—or lack thereof—then predicts either another six long, seemingly-endless weeks of winter or a mere six more weeks of waiting for spring.

This year, however, Phil had apparently had enough of the annual tradition. Once again, he was rudely awakened by the sound of anxious spectators, waiting for him to get out of his nice, cozy bed, slap himself a few times to make it look like they didn’t just pull him out of a wonderful dream, in which he could sleep all day without being yanked out of bed, and pop his head out of his home, once again predicting that—as if they didn’t already know—there would be somewhere around six more weeks of winter. He just couldn’t take it one more year. He didn’t feel like being the cute, cuddly groundhog. Sometimes, even superstars just don’t feel like facing their fans.

This year, he did what anyone else in his situation would do.

This Groundhog Day morning, Phil hauled himself out of bed and made his way toward the opening to his home. And yes, he popped out of the hole alright, but onlookers weren’t greeted by the furry, happy groundhog face that they expected. Instead, they were greeted by a furry groundhog rear end.

Spectators—reporters, camera people, neighbors, and tourists—were shocked by what they witnessed.

Punxsutawney Mayor Randall J. Miller, IV, commented, “City officials will be speaking with Phil about this disgraceful act. We promise that he will be on his best behavior next year.”

In the midst of all of the astonishment, no one bothered to look for Phil’s shadow.

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