Outlander Review
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Claire Randall travels back in time, purely by accident, finding herself in 18th-century Scotland. Her life is in peril from the moment she steps in the middle of a skirmish between a small band of Scottish clansmen and a Dragoon of English. She is forced to adapt in a society functioning before the inventions of plumbing, penicillin and anything resembling a judicial system.

She uses her intelligence and medical training to survive, careful to hide her identity as someone from another time. This takes some creative story telling and remembering not to refer to any event that took place past this period.

One man makes her life-altering experience bearable no matter how frightened she gets. Jamie Fraser starts out as a traveling companion and becomes so much more. Jamie is a young, outspoken, warrior and a bit of an outlaw. His devotion to Claire is unwavering: he will risk life and limb. They speak to each other in playful banter often followed by love scenes that are downright surprising!

There is always a level of suspense in the book. Will her false identity be discovered? Can she get back to the time-travel rock to return to her 20th-century husband? Does she even want to?

Outlander is the first in the saga, followed by Dragonfly in Amber, Vogager, Drums of Autumn, and The Fiery Cross.

Outlander is not a light read. The author describes settings, people, and conversations with a great amount of detail. She writes the dialogue in the style of the Scottish brogue, which keeps it authentic. As an example, “Better have a wee nip,” he whispered to me. "It willna fill your belly, but it will make ye forget you’re hungry.”

This is a highly absorbing read, and you will likely carry the characters with you. Someone I know has read the entire saga and is eagerly waiting for Diana Gabaldon’s new novel – A Breath of Snow and Ashes to be written because as she puts it “I miss Claire and Jamie.”

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