Now You See Her Review
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After her high-society husband trades her in for a younger model, Reggie Cutter finds herself leaving Chicago and moving to Boston, where she moves into a townhouse that she inherited from her Aunt Jo. But the townhouse isn’t all she inherited from her favorite aunt. She’s also inherited Jo’s dog, Biscuit—which she shares with a biker who used to live in Jo’s basement. And she's inherited Jo’s paranormal abilities.

Because of Reggie’s connection to the paranormal, her Realtor friend, Meg, asks Reggie to visit an anxious client’s Back Bay home to search for ghosts. At the same time, Reggie’s also working with Detective Frank Devaney, who used to come to her Aunt Jo for help. Devaney has reopened a thirteen-year-old murder case—one that may have been closed a little too quickly. The man who was convicted is seriously ill, and he’s written a letter to Devaney, begging for help in proving his innocence. When Reggie reads the letter, she experiences a burning feeling in her rib, which convinces her to pound the pavement in search of answers—even if it means putting her own life at risk.

Now You See Her is a captivating look at the darker side of Beantown. If you’ve ever walked through the city’s historic streets, Tishy will bring you back; if you’ve never been to Boston, she’ll make it come to life. And the information that Reggie uncovers about historic Boston—and its earliest residents—give parts of the novel that creepy-cozy feel of ghost stories told around a campfire. My greatest complaint, however, is that, despite being a book about a woman with paranormal abilities, Now You See Her tends to downplay Reggie’s abilities and rely on her crime-solving persistence (and a lot of luck) instead. I look forward to reading the next book in Tishy’s Regina Cutter Mysteries series—but I hope the second one will have a few more ghost stories than the first.

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