Buzzword Review
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Players: 4 or more
Playing time: About 30 minutes

Looking for a nice, quiet way to spend an evening with your Great Aunt Mildred? This isn’t it. But if you’re looking for a high-energy way to spend an evening with all your high-energy friends, you’ll want to give Buzzword a shot.

To begin, players split up into two teams. When it’s your team’s turn, one team member selects a card from the box and reads the Buzzword, which appears at the top corner of the card. While the timer counts the seconds (45 of ‘em), the reader reads a list of clues—and the rest of the team tries to shout out answers that somehow incorporate the Buzzword. For example, if the Buzzword is Apple, one of the clues could be “The object of my affection.” (The answer: “Apple of my eye.”) Another clue could be “National chain of restaurants.” (The answer: “Applebee’s.”) (For more examples, check out these sample clues.) When time runs out, your team gets a point for every correct answer.

Once your turn is over, your opponents have a chance to steal some points. As the reader from your team once again reads through any clues that your team missed, the opposing team can guess the answers. They get a point for every correct answer.

If your team is the first to get 50 points, you win.

Buzzword is a great high-energy party game—the more players, the better (and louder) it gets. You can also play with just four players (two on each team) for even more of a challenge. You’ll be surprised by how difficult it can be to come up with answers when you’re racing against the timer—but that’s what makes Buzzword fun. Clues range in difficulty and topic—from simple to nearly impossible and from movies and music to popular phrases—giving every member of your team a chance to shine.

If you like fast-paced shout-it-out games like Outburst, you’ll want to add Buzzword to your game collection. It’s sure to liven up your next party.

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