Letters from a Nut Review
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The rumor is that Ted L. Nancy is really just Jerry Seinfeld in a different skin. Only his agent (or maybe his accountant) really knows for sure. The thing you need to know is that his book, Letters from a Nut, is a wacky look into the mind of someone not quite as sane as he should be.

This book is a collection of letters from the warped mind of Ted Nancy—and the completely legitimate responses he got. One letter asks Greyhound if he can ride the bus dressed as a stick of butter. Another is to inquire of a casino hotel if he can bring his own drapery when he stays with them. Nancy writes to sports teams wanting to be their mascot—with some very strange ideas about how to do just that.

The responses he gets are often funnier than the original letters. You wonder if the person responding to him got the joke or was accidentally funny. In this day of lawyers and corporate butt-covering, odds are it was the latter. But that shouldn’t stop you from laughing at them.

A great book for those of you who use public transportation to get to and from the office every day; it will make everyone wonder why you're laughing out loud. Even if you drive yourself to work everyday, you need this book. It’s great light reading to help you de-stress.

Ted L. Nancy is the funniest guy to come around since Seinfeld went off the air.

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