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The small town of East End Harbor, near the glamorous Hamptons on Long Island, isn’t exactly a hotbed of criminal activity. Everything changes, however, when a terrorist decides to use a local restaurant as the setting for a suicide bombing—and suddenly East End Harbor is the center of the entire country’s attention. Then, just days later, a small plane leaves the local airport and crashes immediately. While an investigator who happens to be nearby declares the crash an accident, it looks suspicious to local cop Justin Westwood—especially since the pilot’s ID is missing and the cockpit’s been wiped clean of fingerprints. As Westwood delves deeper into both the crash and the bombing, he starts to realize that there may be a connection between the two. And as he uses the help of his friends (in both high and low places) to search for answers, he also starts to realize that getting the answers he’s looking for may cost him his life.

Midas is a thinking reader’s thriller. Both intense and complex, the story takes twists and turns through business, politics, and terrorism—right up until the last pages, when everything finally fits into place. Be warned that readers who don’t subscribe to the Wall Street Journal may find it challenging to work through some of the big-business-related parts of the plot, which could slow the pace down a bit at times—but once you pick this book up, you’ll want to keep reading on until you find out how everything comes together. Andrews (author Peter Gethers’s pseudonym) skillfully writes a detailed and timely novel—complete with all the action, suspense, and political corruption you’d expect to find in a Harrison Ford action film. While there are a couple of characters and subplots that seem to add little to the story, it all makes sense in the end.

If you love a good conspiracy, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Midas. It’s sure to have you looking over your shoulder, no longer sure whom you can trust…

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