Why Did the Chicken...? Review
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Players: 2-8
Time: 30-60 minutes

We like games at our house. In fact, the Missus would have a game night for the family and our friends every week if she could. With our family ranging from ages five to 41, it can be a challenge to find something that we all enjoy and can play. That was one of the problems we had with "Why did the Chicken . . .?"

The premise of the game is simple. One person is the judge and draws a riddle from the box, along with drawing two Noun cards. The judge then inserts the nouns into the riddle, poses it to the other players, and they see who can come up with the funniest answer. The instructions say that the judge should rotate, but we skipped that part. We broke into teams too, which isn't really according to the rules either. This is one of those games that, like Monopoly, needs some "house rules" to help it along.

It should be a real blast.

Now the rub here is that the creator of the game assumes that everyone has a decent sense of humor. We all know that is simply not true. Or at least we all should know that.

My wife and I are new in the neighborhood and we thought it would be fun to have a few couples over for drinks and games. We broke out "Chicken" as the first game and quickly discovered just how few of our neighbors can even attempt to be funny. The night was a bust and the game had a good bit to do with that.

Because the game came from an independent gaming company and I want guys like that to succeed, I wanted to give it another chance—I couldn’t base my opinion on such a bad experience. A few weeks later we got the game out again and tried it with our kids. Another bad idea. Apparently a five-year-old's humor varies too greatly from a 20-year-old's, and a nine-year-old with no attention span (can you spell A.D.D.?) as the judge is a recipe for failure.

Fast forward to last weekend when we had some different friends over. These guys are kind of like the buddies you had in college, only now they have really well-paying jobs. After a couple of drinks, we grabbed a couple of our favorite games ("Operation" is a hoot when you are half twisted) and proceeded to party down. "Chicken" went over really well with these guys. They got the point of trying to make your own joke.

We all laughed at the plays on words and the different directions people took with simple questions. It helped that we all knew each other and could get the inside jokes.

I'd play this game again, but only with people that I know well enough to laugh along with. You should try it out too.

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