After the Sunset Review
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When I first saw the trailer for After the Sunset, I couldn’t wait to see it. Pierce Brosnan as a smart, sexy thief who outsmarts the law time and time again…sounds like The Thomas Crown Affair, right? Well, as it turns out…not really.

In Sunset, Brosnan plays Max Burdett, a smart, sexy diamond thief who, with the help of girlfriend Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek), manages to outsmart the law (namely FBI agent Stan Lloyd, played by Woody Harrelson) time and time again. After their last ingenious heist, they agree to retire and get married—and they head to the Bahamas to enjoy the sunsets from their own private deck.

One day, Stan arrives in paradise. It turns out that the third Napoleon Diamond (the only one that Max and Lola haven’t stolen) is making its way into port aboard a cruise ship—and Stan wants to make sure that Max doesn’t steal this one. But Max wasn’t planning to steal the third Napoleon Diamond. In fact, he didn’t even know it was going to be in port until Stan told him about it. And while Max considers coming out of retirement—just this once—Lola tries to convince him that it’s best to quit while they’re ahead.

On the surface, After the Sunset is quite a bit like The Thomas Crown Affair. Pierce Brosnan is smooth and sly, able to accomplish major heists right under the noses of those who know he’s guilty—but just can’t prove it. But After the Sunset lacks the genius of Thomas Crown. Max’s robberies are impressive, but they’re not as brilliantly masterminded as Thomas’s. And while Brosnan is his typical cool, suave self, he lacks some of his usual luster.

Woody Harrelson brings comic relief as the bumbling FBI agent who can’t seem to get his man. He’s fun to watch (especially in the scene where Stan and Max go fishing)—but, at the same time, he takes away from the classiness that you’d expect from a Pierce Brosnan movie.

Salma Hayek, however, is a distraction. While she adds an interesting twist to the story—both as unwilling partner-in-crime and persistent girlfriend—it goes a little too far. Hayek whines a little too much and wears a little too little to really add to the story.

Funny, but not hilarious. Smart, but not ingenious. And with half-naked Salma Hayek thrown in as a distraction (though, for some of you, of course, that might not be a bad thing…). After the Sunset is light and entertaining and full of gorgeous tropical scenery—and it’s worth the price of a Friday-night rental. But don’t expect to be blown away. If you’ve never seen Thomas Crown, you’ll most likely enjoy Sunset. Those of you who have, however, might be disappointed.

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