Blame It on the Bellboy Review
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What happens when a bellboy (Bronson Pinchot) accidentally switches itinerary envelopes for three hotel guests? Lots of laughs and zany mix-ups!

Dudley Moore plays a lily-livered American salesman, on a trip to Venice in an attempt to save his job. All he has to do is make his boss happy by purchasing an Italian villa that just went on the market.

Meanwhile, another guest, Maurice Horton (Richard Griffiths), arrives to spend the weekend searching for romance at a middle-aged singlesí club. At the same time, a hit man, Mike Lawton (Bryan Brown), checks in, prepared to do his last big job before he retires and opens his florist shop.

Sound like an interesting cast of characters? Add a money-hungry realtor who'll stop at nothing to sell the villa (which happens to sit beneath an airport flight pattern), a plain-Jane tourist in the midst of a mid-life crisis, and some edgy mobsters, and the craziness begins!

If youíre a Dudley Moore fan, youíll enjoy seeing him play a stepped-on and boorish salesman (who, of course, learns to stand up for himself by the end of the film). Itís a different kind of role for Mooreónot exactly the comedic role he typically played.

It's a case of mistaken identity, with everyone pursuing his own agenda. From start to finish, you wonít know what will happen next. If youíre looking for a good comedy the whole family can enjoy, I recommend Blame It on the Bellboy.

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