Between Hello and Goodbye Review
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Jean Craig had everything a woman could want: a successful advertising business, a loving, accomplished husband, and four happy, college-educated children. But she had suffered the loss of her first husband after fifteen years of dealing with chronic illness. And who says lightning canít strike twice?

Between Hello and Goodbye is a memoir about fighting. Itís about a man with terminal colon cancer and the tireless fight to save his life. It started as a battle against cancer but ended up being a struggle with doctors and the medical profession in general. Craig outlines the frustrations of dealing with overworked oncologists who are too busy to return emergency phone calls and hospitals that are short on staff and long on patients. She describes being ignored by medical personnel because her questions took up too much of their time. Her husband was treated as a diseaseónot as a patient. In the end, the author took her husband home to care for him herself. She learned how to give him medicine and oxygen and how to take care of his needs. She hired private nurses and took time off from her business to enjoy his last few days. The days turned into weeks, and then months, as he thrived under his wifeís care. For a while, he was back on his feet and running his new business from home. He didnít ultimately beat cancer, but he did retain his dignity.

This book is both a love story and a medical journal. It should be read by every person who studies medicine, so they can get a better understanding of the patient as a wholeónot just their disease. While I sometimes felt that the author tended to brag a bit about their successful businesses and perfect relationship, she won me over by the second half of the book. I read the last 150 pages in one sitting.

The author comments that the medical profession is the only one that hasnít stepped into the information age. It's like a secret cult thatís only open to people with an M.D. This book could definitely change that status quo.

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