Easy Come, Easy Go Review
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 20-30 minutes

As anyone who has visited Las Vegas can attest, games of chance are quite popular. Whether it’s spinning a wheel in roulette, pulling a lever on a one-armed bandit, or tossing the dice on the craps table, people love games where there’s no skill needed (unless one counts the ability to implore Lady Luck to smile on you with favor).

“Easy Come, Easy Go” is a new game by Out of the Box Publishing that attempts to bring some of that “papa needs a new pair of shoes” dice-throwing energy home to your living room. It employs four dice, each with six sides, numbered zero through five. The object of the game is to roll combinations that match one of the nine different “prize cards.” For instance, one such card reads “7 exactly,” so to win it, your four dice must add up to 7 exactly. The game ends when one player collects three cards.

Sound straightforward enough? Well wait, because there’s a twist. Because not only can you win the unclaimed prize cards, you can also take them from your opponents. If they’ve already won that “7 exactly” card, and you happen to roll a 7 exactly a few turns later, that card is now yours, bringing you one step closer to the three cards needed to win, while taking your opponent down a notch at the same time. This little catch can make for some big reversals in the game, and can stop someone cold when they had been on the verge of winning. It adds a lot of excitement to the game.

“Easy Come, Easy Go” is a fun game for those who enjoy living and dying by each roll of a couple of dice. It’s easy to set up, and game play is fast and furious, making it perfect to pull out on a rainy afternoon. And because it’s so quick, remember: If the dice aren’t rolling your way, there’s always time for a rematch!

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