Watch Your Back! Review
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When Arnie Albright’s family sends him away to Club Med, they expect him to return relaxed—and a little bit easier to live with. And it works—Arnie comes back to New York City a changed man—one with a plan for a foolproof robbery. While on vacation, Arnie met billionaire Preston Fareweather, an obnoxious and self-absorbed man who’s been hiding in paradise for years in order to escape his numerous ex-wives and their lawyers. Meanwhile, Fareweather’s penthouse overlooking Central Park is empty and only lightly protected—just asking to be relieved of millions of dollars of valuables.

Arnie calls in John Dortmunder to get the job done—and Dortmunder calls in the usual crew to help him. The crew arranges to meet in the back room of the O.J. Bar & Grill to plan the job—as they always do—but once they get there, they find that it’s been taken over by a surly band of mobsters. So now Dortmunder and his crew have two jobs to take care of. First, they’ve got to save the O.J. Then they’ll worry about Arnie’s foolproof heist.

Back at Club Med, Fareweather is in for a few more surprises, as his Woman of the Week turns out to be with him for more than just a little fun in the sun with a guy who’s filthy rich.

Watch Your Back is a book full of crooks. Everyone’s trying to steal from, get revenge on, or otherwise take advantage of someone else. And that’s exactly what makes the book fun to read.

Regular readers of Westlake’s Dortmunder novels will most likely be able to jump right into the story, but new readers may find it to be pretty slow going at first—as they meet the cast of regulars. The initial build-up drags a bit, but once the story really gets going, there’s no stopping it—and the action speeds ahead, right through to the end.

The deeper into the action you get, the more you’ll want to read. The quirky cast of characters and Westlake’s attention to just the right details make Watch Your Back! an entertaining and action-packed read for crime novel buffs.

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