Swap! Review
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Players: 3-10
Playing time: about 15-20 minutes, though it depends on the number of players

This hand-swapping, deck-slapping, fast-moving game is easy enough for just about anyone to play—with basic rules that slightly resemble those of more low-key family-favorite card games like UNO. But Swap! adds a few twists to the same old card game to add a little extra excitement—and a lot more laughs.

Each player begins with ten cards. Players then take turns laying cards on the discard pile—playing either a card that’s the same color as the card on the top of the pile or a Swap card. A Swap card can be played at any time, on any color—and when you play it, you choose another player to swap hands with you. Other special cards include the Switch Color card (if you play it, you get to choose the new color), the Super Swap card (if it’s played, all players swap hands), and the Slap card. When you play a Slap card, all the other players have to quickly slap the discard pile—and the last one to do so must take a card from your hand.

If you’re the first player to get rid of all your cards, you win—but that’s not always as easy as it may seem. Just when you think you’re about to win, that’s when the Swap cards come out—and you suddenly go from having two cards in your hand to having ten.

While the box says that Swap! is recommended for two to ten players, I wouldn’t recommend it as a two-player game. The more players you have, the more exciting the game gets—and the more options you have for swapping cards.

Swap! is a great game for family game night. It’s easy to learn and easy to play, and it doesn’t require a lot of time to play—but the fast pace and the constant hand-swapping and table-slapping will have everyone giggling in no time.

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