Clue Review
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Players: 3-6
Playing Time: about 30 minutes

While spring cleaning this week, I stumbled upon an old classic: Clue. Intrigued, I dusted it off and challenged my husband to an enticing game of “whodunit.” I was pleased to find that the game is still just as much fun as it was when I played it as a kid.

Most people are familiar with the basic premise of the game: Mr. Boddy, a millionaire, is found murdered in his home. Six people were in his mansion at the time of the murder: Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, and Mr. Green. It is up to the game players to pinpoint who killed Mr. Boddy, what weapon he or she used, and what room the crime took place in.

The game comes with a game board, six playing pieces, and a deck of cards—each with a suspect, a room, and a weapon. At the beginning of the game, one card from each category is taken from the deck and placed in a secret envelope. This envelope now contains the solution to the crime. The rest of the cards are dealt to the players. The players, using process of elimination, travel to different rooms of the mansion and suggest different scenarios in attempts to solve the crime. The first player to figure out which three cards are in the secret envelope wins.

Clue, like so many classic Parker Brothers games (Monopoly, for instance) definitely stands up to the test of time. The game is every bit as strategic, fast-paced, competitive, and fun as it was when it first hit the market. There’s really nothing quite as satisfying as figuring out the mystery (“Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe!”) just a few seconds faster than your opponents. Clue is great fun, and perfect for a night in with the family.

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