Zoom! Review
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Zoom! tells the story of a little boy who goes on a roller coaster ride with his dad. Each page of the book walks the reader through each step of the rideófrom his fear in the line up, to the exhilaration he feels during the ride, to the desire to go again after it's over. The book is short and sweet, keeping the attention of children aged two to six.

The vocabulary is simple enough for five and six-year-olds to work on their reading skills with very few unfamiliar words to stumble over. Beginner readers can follow the rhyming words and also practice a lot of -ing words that will strengthen their vocabulary.

The illustrations are bright and colourful and demonstrate each pair of rhyming lines. The artist, who was inspired by his own sonís ride on a roller coaster, captures the expressions of a father and son beautifully at each moment of the ride.

Pick up Zoom! to inspire your child to read, but be prepared for your next trip to an amusement park to include a roller coaster ride.

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