The Closers Review
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After three years in retirement, Detective Harry Bosch has returned to the LAPD to join his former partner, Kizmin Rider, on the Open Unsolved Unit.

Bosch and Rider hit the ground running. On their first day, theyíre handed valuable information that could finally help them solve a seventeen-year-old case. In 1988, a sixteen-year-old girl named Rebecca Verloren disappeared from her home. At first, the case was treated as a missing persons caseóthe LAPD figured sheíd run away from home. But, a few days later, the girlís body was found. Though it originally appeared to be a suicide, it was quickly escalated to homicideóone that went unsolved, even after a detailed investigation.

Now, the case is open againóand Bosch and Rider have a DNA match from the murder weapon. To try to put the pieces of the case together, they have to go back and open up the old wounds of a mother who keeps her daughterís bedroom as a shrine, a father who ended up living on the streets, a detective who worked on the case (who suspects it may have led to his partnerís suicide), and friends who will always be haunted by the girlís death. But they also have to face internal pressuresófrom other people in the department who seem to be hiding long-buried information.

The Closers is a finely-detailed, well-researched mystery novel thatís nearly impossible to set aside. The writing is sharp, the action is non-stop, and the story itself is so gripping that youíll find yourself staying up well past your bedtime, unable to put the book down.

Itís obvious that Connelly, a former journalist, knows what heís talking about. He understands the situation, and he creates a story that goes beyond the surface of the crime and into the lives of everyone who was affected by it.

When itís over, there are a few loose ends, but itís still clear why Connelly is a mystery-loverís favorite. The Closers is so realistic that you may just forget itís fiction.

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