Twister Moves Review
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Players: 1-4
Ages: 8 and up*
Playing time: No limit

Iím old enough to remember the original Twister from the sixties (you may have seen the commercial on TV Land) and even played it back then. There was lots of embarrassing stretching and intertwining with fellow players on the same multi-colored mat. Play stopped when I (and/or everyone else) collapsed in a tangled, sweaty heap.

Times have changed; now thereís Twister Moves. Everyone gets their own mat, and you do the moves to music. The mats (each about 30Ē square) have colored circles and a home area for a starting point. Set up the mats in a loose square, leaving a bit of space so you donít bump into each otheróa big change from the Twister of old. Then play one of three CDs on which a perky guy and girl (DJ Ray and Diamond J) tell you where to put your feet.

The DJs let you listen to the routine first, and then you do the routine. If you do the moves right, you stay; if you make a mistake, youíre officially knocked out. The players knocked out get to judge the remaining players. The last to survive wins.

Eventually the DJs will ask you to make up your own moves, such as leaning, bending, or pointing at the air, John Travolta-style.

Twister Moves is a great game for those extended family get-togethers. It can also be played solo, but the more, the twistier. Today I played with my pre-teen daughter, who seemed to execute each move flawlessly while I shuffled around like a clueless hipster doofus. No matter. The fun continued until I sank onto the couch with a tired grin.

*Although the ages listed on the box are 8 and up, my three-year-old niece had a fine time on her own mat, giggling madly and dancing in endless circles.

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